Working in the Community

Here at Wise about Food we are keen to reach as many different groups as possible  ranging from parents with toddlers to the elderly either in care homes or living by themselves and needing advice.

Children’s Centres

At Wise about Food we are currently working with children’s centres to help educate parents about the importance of healthy eating .  Interactive sessions  are used to encourage the parent to understand hidden sugars and fats, and the added benefits of home cooking with fresh ingredients.  Healthy cooking is taught to both parent and toddler, to offer not only valuable bonding time, but the added experience of trying new and healthy foods in a peer environment where a non fussy child may encourage a slightly more cautious one to try different foods and tastes.

The Elderly

The elderly like everyone else need to be informed about healthy eating.  As we age our nutritional needs change and often our appetite too. it is important to ensure that nutritious diets are being consumed.  

Minority ethnic groups

We are keen to work with minority ethnic groups who may have diets steeped in tradition such as adding salt to the majority of their dishes or cooking with saturated fat which can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.  Certain minority  groups are more susceptible to conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and we  aim to help such groups understand the basics of a healthy diet.

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