Due to time being a major factor in a company’s day, we run either short informative courses aimed to either in a

  • lunch break
  • or before work

The subjects we hope to cover we believe are key to nutrition and wellbeing and being run in small groups can be tailored more specifically to that groups needs.

The methods we can choose to inform your staff about healhty eating can vary to suit your needs, 

  1. To provide a talk for an hour on a subject of your choice

 This can either be attained by me asking questions at the time of the talk armed with a flip chart and getting discussion coming from the audience.


A questionnaire will be sent out in advance asking the staff what their main interests are and if each of them could think of a question that they would like to ask.

Key subject areas would be raised and in this way the talk would be tailored to any needs that the audience feels is relevant to themselves

  1. 2.      To utilise the kitchen and to make some healthy snacks and lunch dishes that employees could try.

This would work on a smaller group of people, who would come and try some healthy snacks and lunches.

 I would do an introductory speech talking about healthy eating and  the importance of eating well at work, eating complex carbohydrates so that high sugar rushes can be minimised,   

I would have a stand (table) where employees could come and talk to me throughout a fixed time period and answer any queries they may have.

Recipe cards would be available with the nutritional content and cost of the food available

Healthy eating at work is of vital importance as so much time is spent at work.  The facilities that I saw looked to be excellent

In order to try and quantify our time, we will evaluate our time, by asking each group of clients to fill in a pre and post questionnaire and try and evaluate if their level of productivity  has increased by feeling less stressed or more motivated or just generally healthier.

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