I attended an ‘Eat Well, Live Well’ course where Sarah was the co-ordinator.  I found the course most useful.  Sarah explained the values of all foods, which food and drinks were good for you and emphasised how important portion size was in a controlled diet.   I have been able to reduce my sugar levels as a result of her advice.  I have now changed what I have for breakfast on a daily basis and as a result of following Sarah’s guidelines, I have lost half a stone and am still losing.  I would heartily recommend Sarah to anyone who needs help in changing their eating habits, not just temporarily but for a lifetime

Sue   Feb 2012


Sarah’s passion on children’s nutritional issues/ needs shine through in all her features, and is brilliant at informing parents of how to handle the issues. Her style sits perfectly with Raring2go! readers, and offers real solutions to day to day problems parents face, but are sometimes unaware of how to tackle them.  She puts it in ‘layman’s’ terms, which then empowers Parents to resolve the issues themselves...thank you Sarah, for all you help and guidance! Trish Holder – Raring2go!  Nov 2012



Sarah Scotland is DAD.info nutritionist expert. In her writing she has shown tenacity and an ability to engage and provide support to an audience that is traditionally known to sometimes be difficult to reach.

Sarah’s input has been invaluable to both our site users and our team. We feel that she is part of the DAD team, helping to make a difference to children, fathers and their families.  Chris - dads Info -  Family Matters December 2012


Sarah presented a workshop advising my clients who attend my eating disorder group. She gave an interesting and educational talk about nutrition.  Clients prepared questions for her to look at before she arrived and she was able to clearly and concisely answer them all.  All clients stated that they found the day extremely useful and that the information helped them to work out good nutritious food plans.
Rochelle Craig MSc FDAP Accred
Addiction Counsellor, The Living Room, Herts.
May 2013
You make it is such fun and they respond and interact well with you.
Branka Platten, ACL Co-ordinator, Oaklands College,  
May 2013
“Sarah has volunteered with Circle Support on a number of occasions bringing her sound nutritional know-how to bear on the eating habits of our vulnerable client groups.  She has facilitated sessions for large Healthy Living events for Older People and has held smaller workshops with our Mental Health Service Users.  She has worked with great enthusiasm, sensitivity and patience.  Reactions from Service Users have been positive and they look forward to future sessions.” 

Neil Willington, Volunteering Service Manager Circle Support (Part of Circle) June 2013

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