Corporate workshops

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Firms need to take responsibility for their employee’s health and wellbeing.  Employees spend on average 37 per cent of their waking hours for around 40 years of their life at work.  The working environment offers the perfect opportunity to try and change behaviour patterns, particularly with large numbers of people. People’s behaviour is often affected by their social environment, so the workplace is the ideal environment in which to try and facilitate change.  Change however has to be supported by providing for example areas and times when socialisation can occur and staff are able to create discussion groups. 

If a healthy eating policy has been adopted then this must now be on offer in both the canteen and in vending machines.  Dehydration can be a key factor in tiredness and headaches, a simple water filter or free bottles of water on offer could help to encourage more fluid to be drunk.


At Wise about Food we  offer nutrition based workshops, where BMI is assessed and see which  staff are at the point where healthy eating advice is more necessary (having a BMI over 30 has shown to be increase likelihood of certain diseases) .  I show people how to be aware of foods that are in the supermarket, by how to read a food label and be aware of hidden fats and sugars. I explain why it might not be  a good time to have a take away every night, why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and  what is the hunger rollercoaster.

This article on health and wellness interventions describes the evidence for these programmes and the extent to which they meet their goals.

Families and children

What our children eat is a worry, they eat too little, they eat too much, they have become fussy eaters and the list continues

Let me work with you to understand the child's perspective on food.

Most importantly remember that children are good at regulating what they eat so dont worry! They also copy other peoples behaviour, so if you only eat biscuits for breakfast, so will they.

I run workshops helping parents to understand not only their child's eating behaviours but also to help educate parents on what they should be eating.  I feel passionately that parents especially single dads should be made aware of how to feed their children.  So often the key to understanding this is to be the adult and offering some boundaries and most of all not stressing that your child is not eating.

Working in the community

I work with children's centres and housing associations to try and reach the more vulnerable in our society.   Being involved in a community where people can help each other and offer support is a key factor for me.

Healthy eating and appreciating that food is an important part of life is key to the message that I would like to convey.


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