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Eating for a healthy gut

Eating a diet with a variety of plant based foods will help the body to produce a healthy microbiome (lots of good bacteria) and make you feel amazing!

What are plant based foods?

Fruits - try eating a variety and a different one every day

Vegetables - try experimenting with cooking different vegetables

Seeds and nuts - in porridge, on cereal, added to home made bread..

Beans, and lentils - in salads, in casseroles or chilli


Whole grain cereals, quinoa, rice varieties, oats, barley, millet

Encourage 'good bacteria' by eating a range of plant based foods

Veggies - try grating and adding to sandwiches, salads, dinners

Fruit - add to cereal or porridge, eat as a 'snack' add to salads

Seeds and nuts - add to everything!

Wholegrains cereals, pasta - so many choices to try!

Eat fermented foods to encourage 'good bacteria'

Sauerkraut eat straight out of the jar! - use in sandwiches - as an accomplimant to a meal

Kefir - as a drink, yogurt, milk, quark..

Sourdough bread

Have fun making your own or go to the supermarket

Limit or ditch processed foods-make it easier for the gut to digest foods 

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