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Nutrition and Healthy Eating

for  Early Years 

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Children's diets are often not as nutritious as they should be and provide more calories than necessary. It is vital for development that children eat a varied, nutritional diet to ensure a healthy upbringing.

Read my blog for some top tips for nutrition and health and wellbeing in the early years

What should an early year's diet consist of? 

‘Children who are overweight or obese in childhood are more likely to become obese adults; this often leads to long-term health issues, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers…

Early years settings in England provide an estimated 3 million childcare places across all provider types, with many settings providing meals and snacks.  This offers a unique opportunity to help build good eating habits and influence long term health.’ 

Source: Public Health England

I work with child care providers to educate the importance of good eating habits, as well as suggesting simple yet effective ways to implement them. Some of the services I offer are: 

  • Workshops for childminders, nurseries and nannies, to help Early Years professionals understand the importance of a healthy nutritious diet, and the implications of certain foods.

  • I advise the best food policies to put in place within Childcare Provisions, to ensure the staff are providing the children access to a nutritional lifestyle. 

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