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Nutrition and Healthy Eating for The Elderly

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The nutritional lifestyle of the elderly is often overlooked, however, malnutrition creates serious healthcare problems in over 65’s.

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I aim to combine unawareness of healthy eating and cooking, with problems of social isolation, by offering group healthy cooking sessions.

'Malnutrition is a significant, and neglected, public health problem. It affects over 10% of people over the age of 65. Malnutrition costs more than £7.3 billion per year, and over half of these costs are expended on people over the age of 65.'

Source: Bapen 2019

There are many reasons why the elderly become malnourished, here are just a few of them: 

  • Physiologic - unable to enjoy food as they have lost the ability to smell or taste food.

  • Pathologic - difficulty swallowing, dementia, disease such as diabetes, etc. 

  • Sociologic - are they able to shop for food and cook for themselves, and interact with others at mealtimes. 

  • Physiologic - Depression, anxiety and loneliness.

       Social Isolation is a huge area, which can be helped by getting people together to have fun in 

        classes and workshops.

To overcome some of these causes of malnutrition, I offer the following services:

  • Workshops to educate carers about the importance of nutrition concerning the elderly.

  • Workshops to help the elderly themselves understand the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 

  • ‘Meet and Eat’ groups where over 55’s can get together, learn how to cook something new, enjoy a meal they made themselves, and socialise. 

Please watch our video clip below to learn more about our work

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