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People with Learning Difficulties

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Understanding the importance of healthy eating and exercise is crucial for those with Learning Difficulties, who are proven to suffer more from fatal health conditions, but are often uneducated in this area.

 'According to diabetes UK, men with LD will die 14 years earlier than someone without and women 18 years earlier. Often the case is due to a combination of chronic conditions, ‘multi-morbidity’. Type 2 diabetes is often diagnosed, however the number of people with LD and diabetes is unknown but is estimated at 10% which is double rate of the general population.  Figures have highlighted that around 40% of people with LD are obese. The second highest cause of death is coronary heart disease.'

Source: Jim Blair of The British Journal of Family Medicine, November, 2015

I aim to make nutrition more accessible to people with Learning Difficulties, by:

  • Educating the importance of a balanced diet and exercising, and enabling them to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

  • Supporting carers in motivating and enabling those with LD to maintain a healthy weight, by giving them the necessary resources and training.

  • Giving managers and staff the knowledge and confidence to support people with Learning Difficulties. 


Workshops are offered to help educate:

  • The client with Learning Difficulties

  • The carer, if they are over 18

  • The parents, if the client is under 18

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